Maybe in another life, I would be a fan of a Chinese soccer player named Luhan.

In his Ceci interview last year, Luhan revealed that his original dream was to be a soccer player. We have heard of his prowess at the game during his predebut days; his classmates would constantly say how they wanted to beat him, and that whatever team Luhan was sorted into, that team would win.

Today, we finally witnessed him playing. When Xiumin and Luhan first got onto the field, the commentators had very low expectations, even saying how “we shouldn’t judge their soccer-playing too seriously”, implying they wouldn’t play very well just because they were idols. But once Luhan started playing, he proved them wrong ((so damn hard)).

As seen in this post, he flew across the field, following where the ball went, and came in contact with it several times. He played seriously, facing his seniors on the field as an equal, taking advantage of every opportunity he had to steal the ball. The commentators were stunned, impressed by his playing, and complimented his skill. At one point, they praised how well he passed the ball, kicking it so that it went behind his opponent. He even came so, very close to scoring a goal. Later, the commentators even said that the two most dangerous shots made during the first half were made by Luhan.

Later on, Fan Zhiyi, a respected former professional Chinese soccer player, was seen praising him (in fact, a lot of his teammates were proud of him, patting him on the back, ruffing his hair, and even letting him onto the field earlier than planned because they liked him so much). On weibo, a girl posted that her father, who had been a fan of soccer for 17 years, said, “That orange-haired kid should join China’s soccer team. If he were a part of it, the team wouldn’t be in such a state.” PPTV also posted, “If Luhan weren’t a singer, he would be a very successful soccer player.” Everywhere, people were praising Luhan’s playing, saying that it was a shame he was a pop idol instead.

Yet through this all, Luhan, of course, remained humble. At one point, one of his seniors looked at all the Luhan banners in the stands, and said, “Look, all these people came to see you.” Luhan smiled shyly, held up his hands, and said, “No, no, not at all.”

Luhan shone today, from his steady live on Inkigayo, to proving those skeptical spectators and commentators so damn wrong. He’s a pop idol, but he can play soccer almost as well as a professional.

And finally, look how happy he looks as he plays on the field. ^^

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